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Kurt Robinson

BIO:  Career at Intel Corp in engineering, marketing, and strategic planning, managed numerous product planning teams

  • Planned overall product & platform roadmaps, coordinated with strategic partners such as Microsoft
  • Represented Intel at industry standards-setting forums
  • Extensive experience developing device, software, and system patents
  • Recognized for development and presentation of internal, sales force, and customer training
  • Invented Flash File System in 1987, named on 26 Intel patents
    –  Recently awarded patents # 8,825,350 & #9761131 for Adaptive/Autonomous Traffic Control
  • Founded and managed Sierra Foothills Lacrosse Club non-profit 2007-2015

Marilyn Robinson

BIO:        Career at Intel in sales, customer service, marketing, business process development, and motivational training,
managed various department personnel and resources

  • Supported every business level – local to international accounts, managing key product supply lines
  • Centralized and managed call centers for local, major, and distributor partner accounts
  • Managed product design activity, created demand forecasts and factory build requirements
  • Development and presentation of internal, sales force, and customer training
  • Participated on the board of several non-profit organizations providing a variety of services:
    Acquired non-profit status, provided financial forecasts, established business processes,
    handled treasurer responsibilities, inventory management, facilitated fundraising activities and recruitment

Skills & Services

Kurt Robinson                                                                         KRobinson – History

Skills:  Excellent analytical and written communication skills, creative in synthesizing new, improved solutions from available resources and technologies

Apply proven methods for fostering and stimulating creativity in new product/service planning
Analyze current methods, implement improvements in development/production processes
Cost management analysis and optimization
Assist with project management
Assess Intellectual Property positions and opportunities, IP development strategy
Share insight into personal productivity and time management


Marilyn Robinson                                                                MRobinson – History

Excellent customer relations and managerial experience, presentation and written communication skills
Creative in identifying areas to improve and simplify business processes, increasing productivity and improving personnel performance

Develop plans to expand services and business processes
Improve organizational productivity by streamlining business processes
Develop personnel to increase productivity and employee retention
Improve the workplace environment
Support 501C3 non-profit operation: establishment, business processes, roles & responsibilities

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